Consortium – Game + Crack [Download]


Today I have for you Sci-Fi, RPG Game –  Consortium (+ crack)


CONSORTIUM is a role-playing game in which you are able to role-play as yourself.  You are you (as in you can speak as yourself, a man/woman from “our world”) and you’re being given the opportunity to physically control a man from a parallel world.  This man is first day Consortium field agent Bishop Six, operative for a powerful peacekeeping force in a not-quite-utopia future of 2042.

How you choose to speak for, interpret and play this role is entirely up to you!  Do you choose to role-play the Bishop and be what the Consortium want you to be?  Or do you choose to forge your own path simply using his body and voice as your vessel for communicating with and exploring their world?


1.Download Game + Crack:


Or only Crack:


2.Install Game

3.Copy and Paste Crack to main game Folder

4. Run Game and have Fun!


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